Terracotta by Sachii
Longpi Black Pottery Snacks and Beverage Serving set
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Longpi Black Pottery Snacks and Beverage Serving set


Serve in style this Festive Season!

Longpi pottery from Manipur is made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentinite stone and special brown clay, which is found only in Longpi village. The pots are manually shaped, polished, sun-dried and fired in a bonfire. The black color of Longpi ham is a result of reduction firing of the ware, while polishing the heated earthen pots with a local tree leaf right after firing gives them the beautiful shine. "Terracotta by Sachii" brings you this heritage pottery, functional as well as beautiful!

Material : Ground Serpentinite Stone + Clay, Cane

Dimensions : Jug - 5.5 inches width with handle, 3.5 inches diameter, 7.5 inches height; Color Black + Beige; Each Tumbler : 3x3x2.5 inches; Matsya Serving Bowl - 6.75x3.5x1.25 inches; Color Black + Beige

Wash & Care : Wash with warm water, use mild soap and soft sponge if required. Do not scrub. Dry completely before storing. To be shipped within 3-5 days of placing the order.

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