Collection: Longpi Black Pottery from Manipur

This ancient art has originated from two Longpi villages in Manipur, namely Longpi Khullen and Longpi Kajui near Ukhrul district. It is mainly practised by Tangkhul community residing in the hill district of Manipur. Longpi pottery is made from a mixed paste of ground black serpentine stone and special brown clay, which is found only in Longpi village. The pots are manually shaped, polished and sun-dried and heated in a bonfire. The black color of Longpi ham is a result of reduction firing of the ware, and the beautiful shine on it comes from polishing the heated earthen pots with a local tree leaf. Unlike most other kinds of pottery, Longpi Hampai is not shaped on the potter’s wheel. The entire process is quite labor-intensive, and while it's mostly the men making the pottery, women folks also participate! It's heartening to see the younger generation also taking interest in the craft and willing to take the legacy forward!