About Us

Premium Heritage Pottery of India

“Terracotta by Sachii” is a designed and curated collection of contemporary lifestyle products in traditional terracotta crafts from heritage pottery clusters of India.

The Brand was born in September 2020, with a vision to bring indigenous pottery crafts into the mainstream and help customers live healthy, sustainable and environment friendly lives by going back to the roots through natural and earthy terracotta ware, while also sustaining the artisans into these age-old crafts and helping preserve an integral part of India’s cultural heritage.

We marry our design-skills with handcrafting skills of the artisans to co-create with them contemporary, functional products which are also high on aesthetics and relevance.

The range includes Home décor, cookware, serve-ware and lifestyle accessories.


Each state or region of Bharat has its own unique styles of indigenous clay craft or pottery which has been handed down since generations, but slowly loosing out to industrial products.

At Terracotta by Sachii, we connect traditional pottery clusters of our culturally rich motherland, making beautiful indigenous pottery and unable to sell to far-away buyers, with discerning craft lovers with no direct access to these beautiful products, through the power of e-commerce!

Today, we are already selling master creations from at least 5 different craft clusters, and are adding new clusters and expanding our impact regularly!

Our Team


Founder - Sachii Tripathii, a Ceramics & Glass Design Post Graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Deeply passionate about terracotta crafts and holding an experience of 15 years in the sector, along with 9+ years of experience in the e-commerce industry, she has combined her passion, experience and knowledge to create this brand that aims to strengthen and empower indigenous pottery clusters of India! 



Our Stellar team of Master Craftsmen




  • Shilp Guru Shri Girraj Prasad Ji, also a National Awardee, specialising in beautiful burnished reduction fired terracotta pottery
  • Master Craftsman of Longpi Black Pottery Mr. Wungshungmi Shangrei
  • State Awardee Nizamabad Black Pottery Master Artisan Shri Shivratan Prajapati Ji
  • Salehmamad Kumbhar from the Lodai cluster of Kutch, Gujarat
  • Master Craftsman Abdul Ibrahim Kumbhar from Khavda, Kutch
  • State Awardee Nizamabad Black Pottery Master Artisan Shri Shivprasad Ji
  • Mohit & Prashant from Molela, Rajasthan
  • ….and many more that we are adding to our tribe!