A Year of Artisanal Triumphs: Terracotta by Sachii's Journey in 2023

A Year of Artisanal Triumphs: Terracotta by Sachii's Journey in 2023

As we bid adieu to 2023, it's a perfect time to reflect on the remarkable journey of Terracotta by Sachii—a brand that breathes life into the art of handmade terracotta—led by a visionary entrepreneur, Sachii Tripathi. The brand has not only embraced creativity but has also left an indelible mark on various platforms throughout the year.

Major achievements: 

Terracotta by Sachii kicked off the year with a bang, being tagged as ODOP for its Nizamabad Black Pottery by Invest India marked a significant achievement for Terracotta by Sachii in February 2023. The brand's presence at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, reinforced its global appeal and contribution to the artisanal community.

The venture went ahead and secured a coveted position in the top 50 and later top 15 at Phase 3 (Launchpad) of the Social Impactpreneurs Program by IIMV FIELD in August 2023. This recognition showcased the brand's commitment to making a positive impact, setting the tone for an impactful year ahead.

The valedictory and felicitation function of the Women Exporter’s Cohort 1 by India SME Forum in collaboration with UPS on September 1, 2023, marked a moment of recognition for the brand's export readiness. The inclusion in the Women Exporters Program Coffee Table Book further validated the brand's standing in the export arena.

Terracotta by Sachii continued to shine at the National Women Entrepreneurship Summit by IDP-NAHEP Pantnagar on 2nd December showcasing its influence among 54 women entrepreneurs. The brand's presence at various summits and conferences reinforced its commitment to fostering women's entrepreneurship.

Store collaborations and bulk orders: 

The brand's expansion trajectory reached unprecedented heights as it completed its three years in business this year with strategic collaborations and significant bulk orders. Collaborations with India Retails Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Shashwat Home Crafts Pvt Ltd, and NIDUS store at the National Institute of Design Paldi Campus  highlighted the brand's extensive footprint across premier locations in India.

The association with esteemed clients such as Chandigarh University, Tisser Artisans Trust Store, and Invest India further emphasized the trust and demand for Terracotta by Sachii's exquisite handmade creations. Particularly noteworthy were the bulk orders from NSRCEL IIM Bangalore, consolidating the brand's market position.

Terracotta by Sachii not only thrived in the retail space but also excelled in securing bulk orders and fostering B2B collaborations. Notable among these were the bulk orders from NSRCEL IIM Bangalore, encompassing Kutch Hand Painted Terracotta Amplifiers and Longpi Black Pottery Chakra Teapot and Cups Set in May and December 2023, respectively.

Collaborations with Ganga Dham Enterprises in Meerut, VATA Living Private Limited in Gurgaon, Dant Pari Foundation in New Delhi, Indie Eco Candles in Mumbai, and Tisser Rural Handicraft Private Limited were instrumental in establishing the brand's presence in various markets.

Events Attended: 

Ms Sachii actively participated as a panelist and speaker at the Women's Economic Forum in January 2023, earning accolades and recognition for her valuable contributions.

The brand's presence at the UP Global Investor Summit in Lucknow in February 2023 showcased Terracotta by Sachii's interest in exploring new investment opportunities and contributing to the economic growth of the region.

In a bid to promote sustainable practices, Ms. Sachii was invited by the Bhoomi Society at Kirori Mal College to conduct an Eco-Friendly ganesha-making workshop. This initiative not only celebrated the art of terracotta but also underlined the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

September 17, 2023, marked a significant milestone as Terracotta by Sachii was invited to witness the launch of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme. The scheme, aimed at providing support to artisans and craftspeople, aligns seamlessly with the brand's mission to uplift and empower the hands that create.

Terracotta by Sachii reinforced its commitment to business development by participating among MSME women entrepreneurs at the IOCL Vendor Development Meet at Bharat Mandapam on November 3, 2023. The event provided a platform to explore new avenues and forge valuable partnerships.

A moment of immense pride for Ms Sachii was the invitation to Rashtrapati Bhavan on 7th December, where she, along with other women entrepreneurs, was part of an event hosted for Padma Bhushan Smt. Sudha Murthy by the President of India. In her own words, Ms Sachii says “ I am a huge fan of Sudha Murthy ma’am. Getting a chance to interact with her, and even touch her feet, was a big honor! She is such an inspiring lady, and she enthralled us with her stories of grit, determination and inspiration! "


Participation in the Yukke Beyond Barriers event at Taj Vivanta in September 2023 emphasized Terracotta by Sachii's commitment to breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity in the business landscape.

Throughout the year, Ms. Sachii ventured into prestigious events and institutions. The brand's participation in the India Art, Architecture & Design Biennale in December 2023 and workshops at the ATMA-NIRBHAR BHARAT Centre for Design, Red Fort, New Delhi, underscored its dedication to promoting art and empowering artisans.

The sponsorship of Longpi coffee mugs for the 25th-year school reunion at St. John’s School, Varanasi in December 2023 demonstrated the brand's commitment to giving back to the community and honouring the roots from which it emerged.

New Product Launches:

Terracotta by Sachii consistently innovated and expanded its product offerings throughout the year. The introduction of the Longpi Black Pottery Green Tea Mug in January 2023 set the tone for a year filled with diverse product launches. In July 2023, the brand unveiled the Jaipur Blue Pottery, showcasing its commitment to exploring and incorporating different traditional art forms. The Nizamabad Black Pottery Corporate Gift Set, designed specifically for the G20 in August 2023, reflected the brand's versatility and ability to tailor its creations to specific occasions. Towards the end of the year, in December 2023, Terracotta by Sachii introduced the Gwalior Aheria Tribe Tribal Terracotta Jewelry. This addition not only expanded the brand's product range but also celebrated the rich cultural diversity and traditional craftsmanship of the Aheria tribe.

In retrospect, the narrative of Terracotta by Sachii's journey in 2023 unfolds as a rich tapestry of achievements, collaborations, and contributions to the artisanal and business landscapes. The brand's commitment to artistic excellence, sustainability, and community engagement has not only solidified its standing in the market but has also positioned it as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates of traditional craftsmanship.

As Terracotta by Sachii looks forward to the future, the year 2023 serves as a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to its craft, its artisans, and its vision of creating a lasting impact on the world of handmade terracotta. Here's to more creativity, innovation, and success in the years that lie ahead!

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