Collection: Jaipur Blue Pottery Collection

  • GI (Geographical Indication tag by Government of India) and ODOP (One District One Products) certified Jaipur Blue Pottery craft of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.  The craft is known for its distinctive blue color and intricate floral and geometric patterns, making it a popular decorative and functional craft. It is often used as home décor, tableware, and as artistic gifts. Terracotta by Sachii is proud to bring you this exquisite art form and help you make it a part of your Rakhi celebrations!!
  • Making process: The clay is made by mixing together fuller's earth (multani mitti) with quartz and other natural materials. The dough is shaped into the ware using hand-molding techniques, sun-dried and fired. The ware is then glazed, hand-painted using blue oxide, and again at a higher temperature to fuse the glaze and the blue color, giving it the glossy appearance. The process is time-consuming and requires great skill and craftsmanship!