Terracotta crafted love tales

Terracotta crafted love tales

Ah, Valentine's Day - a day dedicated to love, romance, and all things heart-shaped. But let's be honest, the typical parade of roses, chocolates, and predictable dates can get a bit tiresome. So, this year, why not do something different? How about down to earth romance with Terracotta by Sachii? That sounds fun, right? 

Here are 8 unique ways to express your love; the non cliche way: 

Heart-Shaped Momo Platter: Spice Up Your Love Life! 

We've all been there, the dilemma of choosing the perfect date-night snack. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to our heart-shaped momo platter. Because who needs a fancy five-course meal when you can share spicy momos in a shape that screams love? 

Pro Tip: Keep napkins handy. Things might get messy, but hey, that's the fun of it.

Terracotta Jhumkis: Earrings That Dance to Your Love Beat! 

Jewellery is a classic gift, but let's put a spin on it. Our terracotta jhumkis are not just earrings; they're tiny dancers ready to salsa through life. The intricate design adds an ethnic flair to any outfit, making her feel like the queen she truly is.

Pro Tip: Dance in the living room together. Who needs a dance floor when your hearts are in sync?

Terracotta Planters: Love Grows, Literally! 

For the eco-conscious and green-thumbed sweetheart, why not gift a terracotta planter? It's not just a potted plant; it's a metaphor for your love—growing, thriving, and occasionally needing a bit of water.

Pro Tip: Name the plants together. It adds a touch of personalization, and you get to witness your love and the plant flourishing.


Terracotta Tea Set for Two: Sip, Smile, Repeat! 

Move over candlelit dinners; it's time for cosy tea time. Our tea set for two is not just crockery; it's an invitation to slow down, savour the moment, and sip on the warmth of your love.

Pro Tip: Share your favourite childhood stories. It's a delightful way to connect on a deeper level.

Terracotta Wall Clock

each tick-tock isn't merely a passing second but a melody, a heartbeat of the moments you've woven together. A wall clock is a silent storyteller of your timeless love, where every moment is a cherished gift, not to be rushed but savoured.

Pro Tip: Engage in an afternoon of sun-soaked togetherness. Immerse yourselves in the art of revelling in each other's company, where the minutes stretch to eternities.

Clay Amplifiers: Music of Love That Echoes! 

What could be a better way to vibe than with music? For the music aficionado in your life, our clay amplifiers not only enhance the sound but also amplify the love in the air. 

Pro Tip: Create a playlist together. The process is as fun as listening to it.

Clay Water Bottle: Stay Hydrated, Stay Loved! 

Staying hydrated is important, and so is staying loved. Our clay water bottle combines the two seamlessly. It's not just a bottle; it's a declaration of love with every sip.

Pro Tip: Have a water-drinking competition. The winner gets a hug!

So, there you have it, a Valentine's Day with a twist—a story told through quirky, unique, and entertaining terracotta gifts. It's not just about the gift; it's about the experiences you create together. This Valentine's Day, let your love story be the masterpiece and let Terracotta by Sachii be the charming narrator. Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds! 

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