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Terracotta by Sachii

Reduction Fired Small Water Pot or Lota

Reduction Fired Small Water Pot or Lota

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This gorgeous terracotta lota or small water pot with lid has been crafted and by Shilp Guru Shri Giriraj Ji based in New Delhi, and is a collector's item! The ware is made with specially formulated clay and reduction fired for the refined finish and colour! Ideal to store and serve water! Makes for an ideal artisanal gift.

To wash, use lemon-juice/baking-soda and warm water. Use natural scrubbers or soft sponge, so not scrub with metal. Dry completely before storing. A little care will make it last for years so it can keep giving you the love and care of mother earth and nurture you and your family with its several health benefits!

Material : Baked Terracotta Clay

1 lota with Lid

Approx. Dimensions : 5 inches maximum diameter, 6.5 inches height with Lid

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