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Terracotta by Sachii

Kutch "माटी नो काम" Painted Pottery Tiles Mirror

Kutch "माटी नो काम" Painted Pottery Tiles Mirror

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This handcrafted terracotta tiles mirror is a contemporary product in a very traditional craft, and is a must have for all craft lovers! While it makes for a perfect decor accessory, it is also a perfect gift to someone who loves Indian Heritage crafts!

Kutch Painted Pottery : This age-old craft dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, with only a handful of families practicing today as most others have moved to other day-jobs. The entire process has been the same that was practiced ages ago - and all the materials used are completely organic and locally found! They collect mud from a nearby lake and make their own clay. The clay is given shape using hands or a potter’s wheel, and left to dry. The dried ware is then decorated with clay based colours (from locally found stones/clay which is ground into fine powder and made into paste) using locally made bamboo brushes and tools. Once dried, the ware is fired.

Material : Baked Terracotta Clay, Ply-Board, Mirror.

Dimensions : Outer 16x16 inches, Mirror 11x11 inches.

Wash & Care : Wipe clean with soft cloth

*price only for 1 mirror

**Available for hand-delivery within Delhi/NCR Only

Country of Origin : India.

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